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Here you will find information about Magazines articles and interviews I have been involved with. Throughout my research, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects that have enriched my understanding and paved the path towards my successful Scientist career. I am proud to showcase my hard work and experience with the list of articles and interviews below.

Articles - Media, Magazines & Interviews: Publications

Youcef J-T. Zidane: Important Things in Managing Projects


Interviewed by Yu Yanjuan Journalist, Project Management Review: PMR (China) International Correspondent, PM World Journal

Part Ⅰ About Trust 

Q1. Based on your observation, what is the common impact of trust on project performance?

Q2. What are your tips on building trust in virtual teams?

Q3. What kind of leadership and organizational culture are necessary to facilitate trust building in virtual teams?

Part Ⅱ About Project Success and Failure

Q4. What are the top 10 universal factors for delay in construction projects?

Q5. How do you define and measure project success?

Part Ⅲ About Engagement 

Q6. You’ve written an article titled “When Stakeholders Shape Successes or Bring Failures”, which emphasizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, right? Would you please offer some suggestions on stakeholder engagement?

Q7. “Project Manager Perception: It is all about putting yourself in their shoes!” Would you please elaborate on it?

Part Ⅳ About the Black Swans

Q8. Faced with the unknowns such as the “Black Swans”, in which direction should project management develop?

Part Ⅴ About the Concept of Time in Managing Projects

Q9. Your PhD dissertation is about the relationship between time and project performance. To be brief, what is the conclusion of the paper? For project management practice, what does the research imply?

Q10. What is the difference between time and timing? How will time and timing influence project performance respectively?

OPINION PIECE - Project Manager Perception: It is all about putting yourself in their shoes! Pages 24-26

MARCH, 2018

Projects get complex in the eyes of their project managers, because they try to satisfy all their project’s stakeholders. Personally, as I began my career as junior project manager more than fifteen years ago, I was always making that mistake. That is not something wrong or immoral; nevertheless, I guess it is more about how things should be done! I was forgetting that perceptions differ from one individual to another, from group to group, and from organisation to organisation. In, those days, even with my advanced project management training, my high understanding of the technologies, products and services, and being familiar with internal and external policies and procedures. I was working from early morning to very late at night to make sure that my projects were man-aged as they should be. Looking back, it was the human element of the projects I was working on that made it difficult to manage project time and associated costs. If I was asked to do it again – manage projects with similar profiles, and with the same tools and means, I would definitely focus on my soft skills and the way I interact with people.

Reactions to Reductions - Talent Management. Page 22


Projects often suffer from a lack of human resources. This article features five project professionals exploring how a project manager can achieve success while working without a full project team. It cites the importance of preparing for interactions with team members and getting sponsors and clients to accept increases in duration. Furthermore, it suggests establishing and using a lightweight requirements center of excellence and a requirements management tool. The article also kickoff meetings and states that it may be necessary to extend the critical path duration for understaffed projects. Getting by with fewer human resources often depends on the nature of the work and the nature of the people.

Thanks for your interest in my published work. For any inquiries, please contact me.

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